{TRANSLATOR RECRUITMENT! This project needs a translator and/or is stuck in teaser status}

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the original translator of this project is unable to continue translating. As such, there is an opening for anybody who would like to apply as a translator to pick up where this project left off.

Even if you are not sure about your translation abilities, we here at NanoDesu Translations don’t believe in leaving staff behind – you will always be supported by a talented staff and dedicated editors to help you improve and find your groove. As such, we encourage you to apply if you are at all interested in translating this project.

The application can be found here (CLICK ME!) Just click on “translator” as your desired position and follow the instructions. Please email our admin list if you have any issues.

Thanks all!


This project is in indefinite hiatus.

Progress Bar: 2-13 up!

A new translator appears! IriSora back in action!

IriSora has officially moved to the new site with a new banner! Check it out here.


Summer Ashes

2-13 up.

Sorry about the delay. School happened as well as GTA5 and FF14 and :3
On the plus side, Chapter 2 is pretty much done at this point, wrapping up at 2-17~ish.
It’ll continue at the usual pace every Friday.

Volume 1 Chapter 1 Complete

Volume 1, Chapter 1 is complete.
Thank you to those who have been reading.

My appellate advocacy class ends this coming Tuesday, so I might increase the rate at which I release for a while, provided my clerkship doesn’t get too crazy. I have quite the buffer built up, so expect regular releases.

Thank you, and enjoy.

Regular Schedule!?

Hey guys,

I made this post to basically let you guys know that ideally I plan to release at a rate of a section a week, with Friday being the regular release day.

Welcome — PT2

Hey guys,

I’d like to thank ND for having me, my editor mbamg for fixing stuff, etc.etc.

I don’t have much to say for now, but I hope you enjoy reading IriSora. It’s a 4 volume series, so enjoy the ride.
Feel free to leave any comments, suggestions, whatever you’d like.


Welcome to Irisora the Translation!

Welcome to our newest light novel translation, Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu! This project will be headed by halozy, who is already doing an amazing job with the translation of this classic novel. Come, relax, and enjoy your stay!