Chapter 2-10

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Chapter 2: Love Letter


Plan 26.

First, I’ll wait until lunch break. My window of opportunity is immediately after fourth period’s final bell rings. With that timing, the entire class will be in an uproar. Everyone will be hungry and will only have their empty stomachs and lunch on their mind. I’ll casually get up, casually walk, and casually stand in front of the seat at the back of the classroom, three desks from the side of the hallway.

Here, I’ll say my lines.

“Iriya, can I talk with you for a second? I have something important to say.”

I’ll bring Iriya and we’ll casually leave the classroom. We’ll walk down the hallway, maintaining a careful distance from each other, and then we’ll go up the stairs. We’ll head for the clock tower’s machinery room. We won’t draw anyone’s attention there. Once we reach the machinery room, I’ll forcibly push her down and—

No, wait. My lines, my lines.

“About yesterday. I want to apologize for opening your bag without permission.”

I’ll throw in a bit of hesitation and mumbling for good effect. It’d be ideal if I could make an expression that shows that I’m reflecting on my actions. And then, I’ll slowly put my hand in my pocket, and

“Here. I was wondering what this was, and I accidentally kept it in my pocket. I missed the opportunity to return it, so here it is. Sorry.”

I’ll take out the grey card, and return it to Iriya.


This plan just might work.

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